Pokémon GSC – Headbutt-able Tree Locator

I am currently doing a playthrough of Pokémon Silver – its been a long time and it was the quintessential game at the turn of the millenium that I was really into and really help shape my gaming persona.

I remember going through a 10-pack of Duracell AA-batteries trying to catch myself a Heracross – because my friend caught one and Fighting-type Pokémon in the game were pretty rare.

Now, its much easier – there’s a tool for this (and partly I’m posting this to self-archive) :

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So I just migrated to elementary OS, and found a nice way of replicating the behaviour of the start menu icons from Windows

So I installed elementary OS last night with all the usual fuss of experimenting with ppas (Numix icon themes, tweaks, setting up eclipse… yeah I’m random) and what not. And unfortunately, I still haven’t resolved the issues with my APU not being supported (so screen capture doesn’t work). Not being able to advertise my install makes me wonder why I installed it in the first place.

However, I did discover a nice script by Vicki Chijwani at his blog. Basically coupling this with elementary OS tweaks utility, you can add shortcuts such as:

run-or-raise chromium chromium

and then bind this to a keyboard shortcut (ctrl + 1) in the Tweaks utility. Ideally, you want it to correspond to order in which they are arranged in Plank for consistency.

This gives a windows/unity like behaviour for the core applications which you frequently switch between.